What is BIONIC Hill?

BIONIC Hill Innovation Park is a high-tech park being developed as a ‘live, work, learn and play’ community. Located on 147 hectares the park will offer flexible business space and different types of residential spaces of approximately 900,000 m2 in total. The project offers opportunities for high-technology business and comfortable living. The park will accommodate leading Ukrainian and international companies specializing in IT, biotechnology and energy saving. The implementation of the project will provide 35 000 jobs.

What does the park’s infrastructure consist of?

The infrastructure consists of the modern research and business centers, labs and
high-tech production facilities. Comfortable housing, university with dormitory, schools, kindergartens, healthcare facilities, cafés, and restaurants will be built.  A hotel with conference facilities and a fitness center will be constructedas well. Moreover, the park will have an artificial lake and large recreational areas planted with valuable tree species.

Where is Bionic Hill located and what was situated there before?

The project is registered under the address: Kiev, 1A Ponomareva street. It is located near Belichansky forest, however, does not belong to any forestry.
Location of the innovation park corresponds to the General plan of Kiev City development and suburban zone development till 2020.

Earlier military warehouses were situated on this territory. There were over 80 hangars for storing weapon, also service facilities, asphalted grounds and paved roads, fire ditches, buffer areas were situated.

The construction of the buildings and  structures of BIONIC Hill will be carried out mostly on the areas previously occupied by the hangars and other infrastructural objects – i.e. on the territory with no or next to no trees.

Soil remediation and dismantlement of the existing objects is being performed at company’s  expense.  

The huge recreation zone with additional planting of the valuable tree species will be created in the park.

The territory with the military infrastructure will receive the status of a green zone of Kiev. The regime object closed for the visiting by the citizens of Kiev will be replaced by the green innovation park, open for rest and work to the residents of Kiev and the region.

What companies work on BIONIC Hill project?

To make construction as environmentally friendly as possible, Bionic Hill was the first in Ukraine to hire American AECOM, one of the Top-5 architectural world companies, as consultant on green building.

Moreover, leading Ukrainian and American architects, engineers and landscape designers work on detalization of the innovation park master plan, particularly TAM A. Pashenko, Hornberger+Worstell, ARUP and SWA Group. They have broad experience in projecting of similar objects for the leading world companies.

BIONIC Hill is interested in maximum preserving of green space and smooth integration of innovation park into environment. Our potential clients are globally known companies who deeply care for ecological harmony of the project, which is reflected in their business philosophy, and corporate policy of social responsibility.
Moreover, the demands of those companies are stricter than those of the Ukrainian legislation.

Who is the project’s investor?

The creation of the innovation park is a business initiative of the leading Ukrainian developer UDP. Project investment is expected to reach $1 billion. Project BIONIC Hill is 100% private, the state has no owner’s equity. 

Does the State support the Project?

The project is strongly supported by the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration, and Ukrainian State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization. The project gained a national status, it became a part of Technopolis NationaProject. It reflects national and regional strategic priorities and complies with Kyiv Development Strategy 2025.

When does the construction of Bionic Hill start?

The construction of the innovation park began (?) inautumn 2013 and it is in compliance with current legislation. Public hearings have taken place, approval from all related services of Kiev City Council has been received, the detailed master plan has been approved by  Kiev City Council. All initial data and approvals have been received, particularly, technical conditions, city development conditions and limitations, positive conclusion of the state expertise on the project and building permission.

When does the park start working?

The first stage of the park will be completed by 2015. The completion of the whole project is planned for 2020.