Advantages for business

First Ukrainian Innovation Park BIONIC Hill is a conveniently located in Kyiv, modern scientific and business city for high-tech business. Here you will get access to the talented specialists and financing, safe space and security, tax incentives and new opportunities of Employer Branding and GR, comprehensive assistance service and up-to-date infrastructure: thoroughly thought out office and housing premises, modern engineering solutions, comfortable social objects. We offer a special lifestyle which will help your team work more efficiently.




BIONIC Hill constitutes a part of the National Ukrainian project “Technopolis”. Participation in the National project guarantees protection of investors and “green route” from the state. Administration of Innovation Park consolidates the efforts of all the partners and makes use of its influence to promote interests of the resident companies. Territory of BIONIC Hill will be guarded round the clock by its own professional divisions. It will be one of the safest places in Kyiv. Working at the Park you will reduce your risks and look to the future with confidence.




Within the territory of BIONIC Hill an open IT-university BIONIC University will work. The establishment prepares specialists according to the complex educational programs, developed collectively with the leading market players. Having got its own hostel, the university will attract talented youth to study from all over the country. You will be also able to increase the loyalty of employees by offering them accommodation with a purchase option that will help to reduce your annual costs of recruiting and training staff. In our Park you select the best specialists, develop the existing teams and increase your business efficiency.


Talent resource: BIONIC University
  • Qualified human resource provider for IT companies
  • Career boost for talented youth
  • Entrepreneurship catalyst





To attract investment of the international corporations the state plans to create favorable in a global scope conditions of work. Following the example of China, Malaysia or Singapore, a special taxing regime will be implemented in the innovation parks (technopolises) of Ukraine, including BIONIC Hill. Today the corresponding draft laws are already under consideration by the Parliament. Besides the special regime of taxation, we will offer the favorable conditions of purchase and rental services of the estate, reducing of maintenance costs due to the use of energy and resource saving technologies and economy of service functions (common usage of infrastructure, “service designer” -  customized service packages etc.)




Innovation parks all over the world are meeting points of developers and investors. Ideas rule the world and money of venture capitalists makes them true.  BIONIC Hill is the best platform for national startups which seek for financing. A vivid example of joint efforts to support promising Ukrainian IT-projects is Global Technology Foundation (GTF). It was founded by Runa Capital, TA Venture, Almaz Capital and BIONIC Hill in spring 2013 for grant financing of Ukrainian startups at the earliest stage. Working at the Park, your company will easily find financing to realize the boldest ideas.


Deal flow community
  • Global Technology Foundation programs for early stage start-ups
  • Access to angel network
  • Local gateway to deal flow for international investors





In BIONIC Hill the employees will enjoy staying in the park with a wonderful environment and at the same time enjoy all the advantages of the city. To visit kinder garden or school of your child during the interval or to have dinner at home? No problems! They will not spend time on the road, because everything is at arm’s length. All the necessary things for a happy life and fruitful work will be close, so your team will not be distracted by the secondary things. Happy employees make money. They work harder and your company receives greater profits.




300 000 m2

of Business Facilities

  • Office & co-working space

  • R&D Hi-tech production facilities

  • Hotel & conference facilities

450 000 m2

of Residential Real Estate

  • Comfortable apartments of various sizes and layouts

  • Detached houses

  • Modern dormitories

120 000 m2

of Social Infrastructure

  • University campus

  • Secondary school & kindergartens

  • Cafés and restaurants

  • Sporting facilities: fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, football and volleyball fields, jogging and bicycle path

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, retail outlets

  • Healthcare facility

  • Recreational areas: parks, lakes and more





Resident companies will enjoy a complex service support as well as the opportunity to reserve additional space for new projects. It will help to focus on the main activity and spend minimum of time, money and efforts on the non-core ones.