Advantages for employees and citizens

Innovative town BIONIC Hill is the unique place of comfort and safety which combines advantages of suburban life with the city convenience. A great opportunity to live in the ecologically friendly environment near the forest, to enjoy spectacular views and free time with close people, as there is no more need to waste it in the traffic jams! You can rent or buy park real estate at attractive prices and enjoy every minute of your life.



Choose the dwelling in the new building, made in accordance with the highest standards of green construction. Citizens will enjoy qualitatively new environment with a complex business, residential, educational and social infrastructure on the territory guarded 24 hours. Kindergartens, schools, clinics, restaurants and shops will be very close to the workplace!



Take care of your and your closest people’s health. For you and your family are forest walks, fresh air, parks, small ponds, clean potable water and qualitative products.  At your service is an extensive network of tracks and cycle paths, a sport complex with a swimming pool and sport courts in the open air. Everything in the park is arranged for a healthy lifestyle and well-being of the inhabitants.  



BIONIC Hill offers attractive housing programs. The employees of resident companies and young entrepreneurs can rent, buy or receive a soft credit for the purchase of modern apartments. Students of BIONIC University, will certainly appreciate the quality of accommodation in a modern dormitory.



BIONIC Hill is not only and not as much a square footage and contemporary real estate that is definitely important. Innovation Park is an open space for communication and creativity. This is a scientific and business town of like-minded people who value every moment of their lives. Citizens of BIONIC Hill will not know what daily traffic jams are. They will pay more attention to their relatives and close people. They will open up new avenues for creativity and bold innovations. They will enjoy their lives and fill them in with a new meaning. In partnership of entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and investors you will create the future of Ukraine and the world. We do not know exactly how your work will affect the life of humanity, but we are confident that the choice of BIONIC Hill will change your and your family life for the better.