“Titushky” with armature attacked BIONIC Hill

On August the 15th, in the afternoon, 20 aggressive young men, some intoxicated, got into the location of eight barracks of the former military base #136. These houses are located several meters away from the first stage objects of the scientific town under the construction plan. When the so-called “titushky” visited BIONIC Hill, four guards were patrolling an outside perimeter of the Park.   
Armed with armature, young men, controlled by one of the deputies from “Svoboda” political party, had settled new residents into an empty part of the former military barracks in the absence of the representatives of the Ministry of Defense or other executive bodies. Threatening the unarmed guards with a physical violence, the visitors tried to enter the future scientific town. The guards of BIONIC Hill called the police and when they arrived, the attackers left with a promise to come back later. 
Therefore, the Innovation Park BIONIC Hill finds it necessary to report the following:
1. BIONIC Hill will not succumb to pressure, blackmail and threats and will not respond to political provocations. We act under the Ukrainian legislation, constructively and responsibly. We should solve all the disputable issues legally. The company will defend its interests with all the legal means.

2. BIONIC Hill reminds the representatives of political forces, apparently, involved in the electoral process, about our readiness to discuss the development of hi-tech sector in Ukraine, problems of the national economy, impact of the innovation parks on the state development, etc. Jumping over the fences, property destruction, threatening the employees on duty will not solve the problems, but rather create new ones.

3. BIONIC Hill has nothing in common with settlement of the inhabitants from the former military town #136. It is a responsibility of the Ministry of Defense and the certified company. The Innovation Park is not a party in this process and is not responsible for the property issues of its participants. The company did not build and will not build on the site of the old houses.

4. BIONIC Hill will not protect the location of eight barracks of the former military base #136 because of security reasons. The company does not have any competence to ensure viability of these old buildings. Please, contact the Ministry of Defense or the certified company on all the aspects of this issue. 
As reported, August 4, 2014, the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal confirmed legal construction of BIONIC Hill on the territory of the former military base #136.
A panel of judges resolved that the land under the scientific town was not in use by the Kotsyubynskyi Village Council as the plaintiffs - seven inhabitants of the former military base #136 - considered. In fact, since 1976 the Ministry of Defense was using it.
The Court’s decision means that the second court instance has already confirmed the development of the Innovation Park in a strict conformity with the existing legislation. Previously, February 5, 2014, the Kyiv County Administrative Court confirmed it.
In 2013 public hearings were held and the project was agreed with the relevant departments of the Kyiv City Council. The company operates according to the Ukrainian legislation system and has all the necessary documents for project realization.  In particular, Certificate of Title under the Land Transfer Act; positive decision of the state expertise on project; construction permission;  detailed plan of the territory, approved by the Kyiv City Council, providing construction of the scientific town as well as preserving of Belychanskyi forest nearby. Innovation Park’s territory belongs neither to Belychanskyi forest nor to any forestry.
BIONIC Hill was one of the first in Ukraine to apply global environmental certification system of green building The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The leading experts in LEED-sphere were involved: American AECOM (preliminary assessment and consulting) and certifying company ECON. The top-level international and Ukrainian architects, engineers and designers worked on the Park concept, particularly, TAM Pashenko, Hornberger+Worstell, ARUP and SWA Group. Geography of their projects covers the USA, Great Britain, France, China etc. The international experts took part in development of many significant projects in the Silicon Valley (the USA).

Last edit: 18.08.14