City of Chicago supports Bionic Hill Innovation Park

Mayor of Chicago (the USA) Rahm Emanuel expressed his support to BIONIC Hill in Kyiv. In his letter addressed to the President of BIONIC Hill Victor Galasyuk he emphasized that he highly appreciated the work of the project’s team on creating a technology park in Kyiv. 
          ”As Mayor and on behalf of the City of Chicago, I extend my support to the BIONIC Hill... This project will strengthen the competitiveness of Ukraine’s economy and ensure the development of Kyiv at the global level. Its progressive mission and long-term goals will retain talent and provide the conditions for the development of the industry of technology in Ukraine”, - Rahm Emanuel noted.
          The Chicago’s Mayor recalled that he developed and introduced similar support systems and innovative plans for the high-tech industry of Chicago. He expressed confidence that BIONIC Hill team's efforts will pay off in great dividends.
          “I am closely monitoring the current situation in Ukraine… Chicago stands in solidarity with the people of the country as they peacefully pursue freedom and democracy. BIONIC Hill stands as an example of Ukraine’s success even in these difficult times. It offers hope for both today and tomorrow. You have my best wishes for its success”, - said Rahm Emanuel.
          “I am sincerely grateful to Rahm Emanuel for the support and for the opportunity to from Chicago, to develop partnership with the local business community. Kyiv needs to learn from this successful city, which, not being part of Silicon Valley, produces high-tech products worth $60 billion per year. This is almost equal to annual export of Ukraine to all the countries of the world. One American city earns more than the Ukrainian mining and metallurgical complex, chemical and agricultural industries together. Understanding what unique opportunities partnership with a hi-tech business of Chicago opens for Ukraine, we will work harder on the implementation of our project”, - said Victor Galasyuk.

Last edit: 14.05.14