Victor Galasyuk leaves BIONIC Hill

The President of  BIONIC Hill Innovation Park decided to quit the leading position in the project and focus on public activity. He thanked shareholders and the project team and wished them success.
“For the last two years we worked with the team on realization of one of the largest investment projects in the new modern Ukraine. We did a large preparatory job. Although, I am not satisfied with the results. Instead of opening the first stage of the scientific campus, we had to suspend the project until the beginning of road construction. The core reason for this is a poor government’s economic policy, or rather, its absence. Even such an essential for the country and the industry project as Bionic Hill “tugs” due to misunderstanding of the officials and numb politicians”, - emphasized Victor Galasyuk.
The top-manager has an intention to strive for changes in the country’s economic policy and to contribute to the necessary reforms in the country.
“Leaving management of the innovation park for tried and true professional team, I have accepted invitation to join the Supervisory Board of Bionic University, the development of which I also fostered. However, I will focus on the professional public activity. I will defend the interests of high-tech business in Ukraine before the authorities and international community. My aim is to contribute to changes in economic policy of the country and structural reforms. For this purpose I am ready to cooperate with all the national and international pro-Ukrainian forces”, - said Victor Galasyuk.

Last edit: 02.09.14