Road and engineering communications construction delay negatively influences the economy

BIONIC Hill Innovation Park is one of the largest investment projects of contemporary Ukraine.  Each day of its delay negatively impacts Kyiv’s and the whole country’s economy, as the President of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park Victor Galasyuk commented. 
He noted that BIONIC Hill was not so much a construction project but a project of Ukrainian innovation economy.  It will provide 35 000 workplaces and tax revenues of $160 million a year. The world-known company Ernst&Young conducted a feasibility study of BIONIC Hill and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved it. The project is a part of the national project “Technopolis” and meets  Kyiv-2025 Development Strategy.
“We haven’t started the construction yet but already invested tens of millions of US dollars into the project. The total amount of private investment in Ukrainian economy foreseen at BIONIC Hill is about $1bln. We steadily fulfil our investment obligations and expect that according to memorandum of cooperation with Kyiv City State Administration of 2012 engineering communications and road will be constructed”, - says Victor Galasyuk.
He reminded that the company acquired the property of the former military base at the secondary market and received the site as a private property according to Kyiv City Council’s decision. Public hearings were held and Kyiv City Council approved a detailed plan of the territory, providing construction of the scientific town as well as preserving of Belychanskyi forest nearby. The leading international and Ukrainian architects, engineers and designers were involved to work on the park concept, in particular, Hornberger+Worstell, ARUP, SWA Group and T.A.M Pashenko (AECOM and ECON were invited to apply global environmental certification system of green building - LEED).
“The company operates in a strict adherence to Ukrainian legislation system and have all the necessary documents, including building permission. Last year we dismantled the military infrastructure facilities, resoiled the former military site, removed the rubbish and deadwood, arranged a test pile field and ways for construction machinery etc.  We expect the city to start fulfillment of its obligations. Monthly the city loses more than $10 million of tax revenues because of the project delay. Thus, hundreds of talented engineers leave country searching for a better life”, - Victor Galasyuk pointed out.

Last edit: 18.07.14