BIONIC Hill Innovation Park completed site preparation

The first Ukrainian Innovation Park BIONIC Hill finished site preparations. The investor expects the City of Kyiv to fulfill the counter obligations concerning the construction of utility lines and road. The team of BIONIC Hill has been working for 2 years on project development together with the national and foreign experts.
“We have visited nearly a dozen of leading innovation parks in the world and have met with the leaders of more than 150 international companies to learn the best international experience and ensure their support. Feasibility study of BIONIC Hill has been made by a well-known international company Ernst&Young. The leading international and Ukrainian architects, engineers and designers were involved to elaborate project concept, in particular, Hornberger+Worstell, ARUP, SWA Group, K.A.N. Development and CAS A.Pashenko. To apply global environmental certification system of green building LEED we have attracted world leaders in this industry - AECOM and ECON. Our partners took part in development of numerous significant projects in the Silicon Valley (the USA). All the solutions in the park have been developed at the highest level”, - notes the President of BIONIC Hill Victor Galasyuk.
The company has received all the necessary permits for the construction of innovation city. Last year Kyiv City Council approved a detailed plan of the territory. Military infrastructure facilities were dismantled, the land of the former military base was restored, garbage and deadwood were removed, test field of piles was made, approach routes for construction machinery were equipped, etc. Sponsored by the investor the first intercorporate IT-university BIONIC University has been working since 2012 at the premises of Kyiv-Mohyla academy. In spring 2013 BIONIC Hill, Runa Capital, TA Venture and Almaz Capital established Global Technology Foundation - a fund providing financing for Ukrainian start-ups.
“We met all the obligations to the city authorities. Despite the difficult times in today’s Ukraine, we have a clear intention to implement this nationally important project. According to memorandum of cooperation with the KSCA in 2012 and common international practice, we hope that BIONIC Hill will be provided with utility lines and road”, - says Victor Galasyuk. He emphasizes that the construction was supposed to start in May this year, but was delayed due to the redistribution of funds in the city budget for other programs. Therefore, the timing of Innovation Park construction will be reconsidered. Earlier the investor planned to bring the first stage of BIONIC Hill into operation in 2015.
“BIONIC Hill means billions of dollars of private investments in country’s economy, attracting world leading corporations, new technologies and creating new jobs. There are no analogues of this project in Ukraine today. It provides 35,000 jobs and more than 160 million dollars of tax revenues annually. With this money, for instance, Kiev may build 30 new modern schools every year. Engineering networks and the road will pay off in a few months. We will work with the government and local authorities, proving that there is no alternative to technological modernization of Ukraine.” – summarizes Victor Galasyuk.

Last edit: 12.05.14