BIONIC Hill Innovation Park initiates a special Committee of Kyiv City Council

BIONIC Hill Innovation Park appeals to the Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko to start a special Committee of Kyiv City Council, with all the parties concerned, to consider and resolve professionally, objectively and impartially issues related to the project realization.
“More than ever Kyiv needs to invest today into development of urban economy and social sector. Filling in the budget and attracting leading international companies can be possible by creating a powerful hi-tech cluster like the Silicon Valley in the USA. This project is able to change the economic landscape not only for the capital city, but for the whole country as well”, - stated the President of BIONIC Hill Victor Galasyuk.
At the same time, as he mentioned, “…someone is trying to make a cheap political capital through populist ungrounded statements. This is unacceptable as the investor fulfills neatly his obligations”.
The top-manager noted that the innovation park was about to involve its own specialists as well as world experts into the Committee. This spring the Mayor of the City of Chicago Rahm Emanuel supported BIONIC Hill and invited its team to cooperate. Only one City of Chicago produces hi-tech products of $60 billion per year. This is more than Ukrainian metallurgy and agriculture produce together. 

“We are ready to assist the Committee, provide all the necessary documents and to discuss publicly urgent issues.  Political games should not prevent from realization of the important investment projects and profane the international image of Ukraine. Politically committed statements do not help to resolve  investment, employment and budget revenues issues”, - noted Victor Galasyuk.

Last edit: 30.07.14